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Read Down

Overdue fines got you down? 
Then READ DOWN your fines in June!
During June 2014 kids and teens can visit the library to read down their fines. How?
1) Visit your local Anoka County Library. Say to a librarian,
    “I want to read down my fines.”  Your librarian will get you started.
2) Read! Erase $1.00 in fines for every 15 minutes you read in the library during June. 
    Time spent listening to audio books or being read to also counts.
3)  Start the summer with a clean slate. 
The fine print:
For kids and teens 17 and younger.
No cash will be exchanged for Read Down.
Cannot be applied to future charges.
Youth can only read down fines on their own cards, not for friends or family members.