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Language & Writing

Research Databases

  • Transparent Language Online with byki

    A language-learning online resource that builds listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.  More than 80 languages are available, as well as ESL for Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese speakers.

    **Create a username and password to get started**

Selected Websites

Other Language Resources

  • A Basic Guide to ASL

    Combines text, graphics, and animations to provide sign definitions for letters, numbers and many common terms.

General Sites


    Hundreds of famous speeches in text, audio and/or video format.

  • Great Books Online

    Search dictionaries, thesauri, English usage, encyclopedias, quotation books, Elements of Style and more reference works.

  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary

    Enter a concept (such as "green fruit" or "urge to travel") and get back a list of words and phrases related to that concept. Great for solving crossword puzzles!

  • The Word Spy

    Devoted to recently coined words and phrases, old words that are being used in new ways, and existing words that have enjoyed a recent renaissance.

Foreign Language Instruction

  • BBC Languages

    Free lessons and resources for learning Spanish, French, German, and Italian, as well as limited reources for a few other languages.

  • How to Learn any Language

    Information and resources on teaching yourself foreign languages.

Tools for Students

  • Citing Sources

    Duke University guide to citing sources in a variety of formats: MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian. Also includes citations for electronic sources.

  • Cliche Finder

    Have you been searching for just the right cliche to use? Cliche Finder can help.

  • WorksCited4U

    Workscited4U automatically compiles MLA formatted bibliographies.

Dictionary and Thesauri

ESL Resources

  • English as a Second Language

    A comprehensive and well organized ESL Web directory. A good starting point for ESL learners who want to learn English through the Web.

  • ESL Resources

    Purdue University web site that offers resources for ESL students such as handouts, quizzes, questions, internet links and other helpful information.

Foreign Language Resources

  • Ethnologue, Languages of the World

    Comprehensive database of the world's languages featuring language data, language maps, and other resources.

  • I Love Languages

    A comprehensive catalog of over 4,200 hand-picked language-related Internet resources.

  • Livemocha

    The world's largest online language learning community.

  • Omniglot

    Provides a guide to over 200 different alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems (like hieroglyphics, cuneiform etc. etc.), plus links to further resources.

Grammar Guides

Comprehensive Sites

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