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Family Life

Selected Websites


  • About Adoption

    This site includes information on international adoption, adoption costs, legal resources, special needs, chat rooms, post-adoption, and adoption fraud.


Care Giving

  • Aging Solutions

    Offers advice for caregivers including daily living solutions, comprehensive checklists, and links to other eldercare sites.

  • CareGuide

    Helps to locate care for children or elderly by geographic location. Brief articles advising how to evaluate a care facility.

  • Long Term Care Link

    The webmaster acknowledges a bias in favor of purchasing long-term care insurance. However, it provides useful information through articles and links to long term care services and providers.

Children and Tragic Events




    From the national non-profit organization representing people of all ages with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder(AD/HD), it includes basic information, applicable education laws, links.

  • Parenting Education Resources

    University Of Minnesota Extension services offers parent education for families that foster parent-child communication, nurturing and respectful discipline practices, strong parent-child relationships, and parenting skills.

  • Parenting.Org

     A service of Boys Town, the site features information divided up into sections by ages and topics.  They make available their experience in caring for children and families for the past 90 years by adapting and making it available through

Statistics on the Family

  • Child and Family Statistics

    This site provides federal and state statistics and reports on children and families. Includes: economic security, health, education and more.


  • HousingLink

    This organization distributes low-income housing information for Twin Cities metro-region. Directory of housing searchable by location, housing type, available subsidies and accessibility.


  • I Am Pregnant

    I-am-pregnant offers detailed descriptions of what's going on with mom's body and how baby is developing each week, along with color photographs of real babies at that specific gestation. I-am-pregnant also offers near week-by-week information on the development of twins and triplets with photos.

  • Pregnancy Info

    Pregnancy-info is a website with information on nearly any subject related to pregnancy and newborn care.

  • What to Expect — the interactive companion to the What to Expect When You're Expecting books, and home to a close-knit community of over two million parents.

Safe Kids Campaign

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