All libraries will be closed on Saturday, May 28th through Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day weekend.

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Meeting and Conference Rooms

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Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are available at most Anoka County libraries for groups to come together, learn, and exchange information and ideas. The chart below describes what is available at each library. Click the library links below to view pictures of the meeting rooms and to reserve a space online (library barcode required).



30 Wireless Internet
28 chairs
Crooked Lake 30
Wireless Internet
6 tables
30 chairs
Projector by reservation
Johnsville 40 Wireless Internet
28 chairs
Mississippi 35 Each Side
70 Whole Room
Wireless Internet
7 Tables
66 chairs
Projector by reservation
Northtown 60

Wireless Internet
8 tables
60 chairs
Projector by reservation

Rum River 40 Each Side
80 Whole Room
Wireless Internet
8 tables
Projector by reservation

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are available at the Northtown and Rum River libraries for small groups, tutors, and other individuals looking for a private place to work.  They are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Use is limited to one hour at a time if others are waiting.  The rooms are available during scheduled library hours following the same policies as the library meeting rooms.  To reserve a room, click the link below (library barcode required for online reservation).

At this time, the only conference room that can be booked online is Study Room 112 at the Northtown Library. To reserve one of the other available rooms, please inquire at the service desks at the Northtown or Rum River libraries.


Northtown - Study Room 112



Meeting Room Policies

  1. Any individual or group may reserve a meeting room if the use is appropriate, lawful, does not disturb the normal use of the Library, and is not for a commercial purpose or function.  
  2. In order to maximize the use of the meeting room, advance reservations may be made for groups of three or more individuals.   (Meeting rooms may be held for single individuals for same day use.)
  3. Conference rooms may be reserved in advance for use by tutors.   Others may use conference rooms on a first come, first served basis; no advance reservations are allowed in these instances.
  4. Meeting room reservations will be taken up to 60 days in advance online, by telephone, or in person.  
  5. Up to two reservation requests from a group will be taken at any one time.
  6. Up to four reservations for a group may be on the books at a time.
  7. As individuals reserving a meeting room are accepting a financial responsibility, they must be 18 years of age or older.   Proof of identity such as a driver’s license or Library card will be required at the time of check in.

The person responsible agrees to:

  1. Protect the room and contents and to pay for any damages or special cleaning caused by my use of the room.
  2. Not attempt to open or close folding doors.   Should a change be needed, I will contact Library staff.
  3. Refrain from taping, hanging, or pinning anything to the walls, windows, ceilings, doors or other surfaces.
  4. Use only the designated meeting room for meeting activities.   I will not place tables, chairs and/or signs in spaces adjacent to meeting room or outside of the Library.
  5. Leave the room in good condition (pick up papers, garbage, etc).
  6. Return tables and chairs to designated positions (see chart on wall).   As meeting room reservations end 15 minutes prior to Library closing, I agree that the room will be vacated by the designated time.
  7. Return the “Meeting Room Attendance” form to Library Staff at the conclusion of my meeting.   I will wait while Library staff checks the meeting room to make sure the room is being left in acceptable condition.

The person responsible understands that:

  1. The Library is not a sponsor of my program or meeting; that it assumes no responsibility for the program or its contents.
  2. Notices and advertisements may list the Library as the location but they must also clearly identify the program sponsor and not imply Library endorsement or sponsorship.
  3. Meetings for a commercial purpose or function may not be held in Library meeting rooms.
  4. If I am denied use of a meeting room, I may file a "Meeting Room Request for Appeal" form provided to me by Library staff.   The appeal will then be reviewed by Library Administration.
  5. Light refreshments only may be served, (no cooking, refrigeration or electrical appliances are available or may be used) and that cleanup is my responsibility.
  6. The ventilation and thermostats are pre-set and cannot be changed.
  7. The meeting attendees must adhere to the "Rules for the Use of Library Buildings" posted on the Library Bulletin Board and that repeated disruptions may result in termination of meeting room use privileges.
  8. Three failures to honor meeting room reservations will suspend my meeting room use privileges for one year.

Our meeting space is enjoyed by the entire community;

We appreciate both your understanding and the observance of these rules.